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Create and print table seating plan for your guests
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Creating table plans for weddings, parties, and events is not as easy as you may think; if you have organized events before, you know it can be a real headache. But now you won't need excuses from creating table plans for events, because thanks to this powerful application, you will be able to organize everything with great detail. In order for you to create your table plans for events, the program provides five steps to follow, and each one will let you control every detail of your event.

First, you will need to add the guests to the main list. Here, they can be classified by singles, couples, families or groups. In addition, when you add a new guest, you need to fill special requirements like meal choice (beef, child, fish, vegetarian), whether he/she needs a wheel chair, etc.

Once you have added all the guests, in the second step you need to set the proximity among them. That is, you have to decide who should seat near (or not near) who. And you can easily do it by selecting small icons on each guest according to your choice.

In the third step, you need to set up the kind of tables (oval, rectangle, banquet, semi-circle, etc.) and their location. And in the step four, guests can be placed by you at the tables one by one; or if you prefer, you can let the program auto-assign a place for each guest.

Finally, you will be able to print, save, or send your plan by email; or if you desire, export it to different file formats like HTML, PDF, JPG, CSV, BMP and text.

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